Thursday, September 01, 2005

More New Orleans - this time with profanity!:
Truthfully, I feel just remarkably fucking stupid posting about anything but Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans right now. I hate to be so crass as to draw the comparison, but I think I'm actually more shell-shocked by this than I was by 9/11. When 9/11 hit, there was anger to aim at the terrorists who had perpetrated the act, but with Katrina, all I've got is sadness and disbelief and bewilderment.

I can be angry at the idiots who made the now infamous "finding/looting" distinction between black and white people trying to survive in New Orleans (Update: My wife informs me that this isn't a cut-and-dried racism thing as many are assuming... apparently, the "found" food was in fact floating on by down the river, so there is an actual distinction... it really was found! Just unfortunate that the photos chosen were white people who found floating food and black (or perhaps Hispanic, as I'm now hearing) people taking food out of a grocery store, which could be called looting, even if it's completely understandable in context). I can be angry at the fuckholes who would carjack a fucking rescue vehicle or take potshots at a rescue helicopter with their guns. I can be angry at our government for taking federal preparation money that could have alleviated the situation a little and putting it towards our sinkhole of cash and human lives in Iraq, or for the President's reprehensible conduct in not doing more for the people still in the area... But it's not the same, and I'm mostly just left with this nonspecific depression and sadness that comes and goes and leaves me in a rotten fucking mood pretty much continually.

But... I can't. I just can't focus only on what's going on there, because it's not healthy for me and it's not doing any good for anyone there or anyone who has gotten out. I donated what I could afford to the Red Cross, I'll do more if I can figure out what, and I'm trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy because it just doesn't do me any good to focus entirely on something so completely out of my control.

And so... I continue to post non-Katrina/New Orleans thoughts on the blog. I continue to try and work on comic reviews. Move along... the next post is about comics.

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