Friday, September 02, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - September 7:
Ex Machina Vol 2 Tag Tp (The second arc of Ex Machina finally collected in trade. Hooray!)
Fell #1 (I've only seen the black and white version, but this Ellis/Templesmith collaboration is actually pretty fun, especially for those who liked Transmetropolitan)
Gotham Central #35 (Digging the "who killed Robins" story, although I suspect I'll like it even more when I can read it all at once)
Y The Last Man #37 (Jumping-on point that promises to spend some time in Australia and maybe finally reunite Yorick and Beth. Great as always)

Bad Ideas TPB (Missed this the first go-round, but now that I've become a big fan of Crosland's art, I need to check it out)
Bakers #1 (More Bakers is always a good thing, as Kyle Baker's cartoons about his family are always fun)
Chronicles Of Conan Vol 8 Tower Of Blood & Other Stories Tp (Wow, am I behind on these. I think the last one I read was volume four)
Dracula Vs King Arthur #2 (Curious to see what direction this goes in, as I enjoyed the first issue)
Ghost Rider #1 (I'll give this a look, if only because Ennis is usually entertaining and Crain's art looks nice)
Pvp #18 (Not much new to say about PVP except that it's always funny)
Rex Mundi #14 (New artist Jim DiBartolo (the one who did my Captain Boomerang sketch) starts on this issue)
Sea Of Red #4 (I keep hoping this'll take on more of the tone of issue one and less of the "Hollywood vampire" story in the last two. Either way, art is terrific)
Serenity #3 (Looking forward to seeing the end of this story, and glad to realize that the release of the movie is less than a month away)
Seven Soldiers Guardian #4 (Another Seven Soldiers mini concludes, and I go back to the long wait for more Cameron Stewart art)
Sgt Rocks Combat Tales Vol 1 Tp (Digest sized full color reprint of Sgt. Rock tales, definitely worth a look, especially in a somewhat anemic week like this one)
Smoke And Mirrors #1 (New superhero title from Speakeasy, looked intriguing in the solicits)
Vaistron #1 (New sci-fi book from Slave Labor. Looked and read great in the short preview I saw on their website)
Villains United #5 (The only Infinite Crisis tie-in book I'm actually enjoying. Hell, it's one of about a half-dozen DC Universe titles I'm enjoying)

Noble Causes #13 (This is the start of a "new season" for Noble Causes)
Runes Of Ragnan #1 (Viking fantasy story with nice looking art)
Shocking Gun Tales #1 (Anthology that looked pretty solid when I skimmed it, need to give it a read)
Vampirella Revelations #0 (Not much of a Vampirella fan, but there are some interesting names attached and they sent me a review copy, so I'll at least give it a look)

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