Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Season:
So I'm a little bit freaked out. Turns out that there's a Hurricane headed near Austin.

As with Katrina, I'm late to the ballgame on this one. I only really started hearing about it (and worrying about it) in the last couple of days. My wife went out last night to go grocery shopping and stock us up on water (we've got enough canned goods to eat if the power goes out) and the store was out. So was Wal-Mart. Let me say that again:

Wal-Mart was out of water.

I didn't know Wal-Mart ever ran out of anything.

At any rate, I think folks are panicking a little too hard, and the dire predictions of Mark Carroll (a customer at my comics shop, incidentally) to Warren Ellis sound more than a little bit reactionary to me, but I am a bit worried. At the moment, though, I'm still planning on going to work on Saturday (in the rain, etc.) unless it's a lot worse than I'm guessing it really will be and planning on going to the manager meeting on Sunday. I don't think survivalists, cannibals and rabid dogs will be roaming rain-soaked streets later in the weekend. I think mostly folks are panicking because they saw tangible evidence with Katrina that being prepared is necessary, since the federal government will do dick-all to help on any sort of timely basis.

With any luck, I'll still be blogging, working on reviews and doing other such mundane tasks throughout the weekend, thinking about how everyone was over-reacting. But I'll sure as hell be glad when this weekend and the doomsaying that's preceding it is over, because it's giving me minor fits.

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