Thursday, September 08, 2005

Right the fuck on:
Found this linked off of Peter David's blog. Be warned, Bush supporters (surely there can't be any of those reading my blog, right?), it's extremely critical of Bush's behavior in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

And despite my unease that the left might take this situation and misuse it as a political football, this is pretty much *exactly* how I feel. I don't really care to point fingers and say "why couldn't you have done this and that?" because that's the job of a government committee (one that will probably never be appointed or will be widely ignored like the 9/11 Commission), but I really would like to know just how anyone remotely human can act the way that Bush (G.W. and Barbara both) could in the wake of this disaster.

The nagging reality that if something like this happened to me and my family, the government as it stands would do *nothing* to help us and then have the balls to make light of the situation is just about as fucked-up a thought as I like to entertain right now.

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