Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Am Weak:
No, this has nothing to do with my having missed posting yesterday. That would be "I am forgetful," as it was 3 AM and I was in bed when I realized "Oh yeah, I was gonna post something to the blog!" But all you guys missed were my thoughts on the correlation between indy movie guys going big budget (as discussed in this week's Entertainment Weekly) and the same phenomenon in comics... I'll probably cover it later.

No, today's post is about why I now have HBO. See, I've been wanting HBO for a while, since some of my favorite shows are Entourage, Deadwood and Curb Your Enthusiasm. But I only watch these shows on DVD. I have so much stuff to watch on the Tivo, though, and plenty of other options via Netflix and my own not-small DVD library, that I always managed to talk myself out of spending the extra money for HBO. With Entourage Season Two concluded and Deadwood Season Two concluded and Rome just barely tickling my interest, I figured I was safe for a while.

So, when I got a postcard from my cable company informing me that I could get HBO for half-price for 6 months... I resisted. Oh, sure, I kept the card for two days and even looked up the prices, but I managed to resist. I figured I was safe. Then I got one of those phone calls today from the cable company, the ones that make it sound like you're all set up and you just need to say OK? Same offer, HBO for half price, and while I usually turn down telemarketing flat on general principles, I couldn't resist another lure and I said yes.

So now I have HBO. Or I will in two days. And I told my wife it'd probably be something I'd keep for the 6 month half-price deal and then get rid of. I mean, all my shows are in reruns, right? So it'll be nice, but I'll realize I don't want it. Then I realized... about 6 months or so is probably about when the new seasons of Entourage, Deadwood, Curb, hell, maybe even more Ali G show will start. And so I am doomed, and will probably have HBO for some time now.

It's not TV... it's $12 more a month for cable. But only $6 a month for the next six months.

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