Monday, May 05, 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014

It was another great Free Comic Book Day at Rogues Gallery Comics & Games in 2014. We started the day with over 3,000 comics and ended with less than 300. Probably a lot less, actually. We also had our best sales day ever. But that's really secondary, because what the day was all about was a flood of happy families and kids, getting to try out comics, some of them for the first time ever, some for the first time in a while, some for the first time since the day before. 

A wide variety of readers, a wide variety of comics and a great time for everybody. The early folks in line, most since about 9 AM (we opened at 10 AM), got bonus Adventure Time or My Little Pony books and free Rogues Gallery T-Shirts.

We also had a new display up by our custom-building genius Nick Budd, who used a handful of action figures, some foam core and other materials to build Super-Villain Jeopardy!, the latest in a long line of beautiful, imaginative action figure dioramas in our display case. And we had a few folks come in costume, from the father & son Batman & Robin to a dead-on Dark Knight Returns Carrie Kelly.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Monthly Update - April 2014

Comics I Read And Liked:
All New Ghost Rider #2
All New Ultimates #1
Amazing Spider-Man #1
American Vampire Second Cycle #2
Batman Eternal #1
Chew #41
Daredevil #1.5-2
Elektra #1
Evil Empire #1-2
Flash Gordon #1
Hulk #1
Lumberjanes #1
Magnus Robot Fighter #2
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1
Ms. Marvel #3
Punisher #4
She-Hulk #3
Silver Surfer #2
Solar Man of the Atom #1
Southern Bastards #1
Star Wars Rebel Heist #1
Starlight #2
Stray Bullets The Killers #2
Turok #3
Winter Soldier The Bitter March #3

Resolutions Update:

1. Learn Spanish - Um... whoops. This one fell under the wheels of the busy schedule of April, and doesn't look to be coming back soon. But I learned at least a little bit, and will return to it when I get a little more free time again.
2.. Read at least 12 books. Kept up my one book a month goal, and read Leather Maiden by Joe R. Lansdale, a birthday gift from my buddy Nate. Total right now: 6.
3. Spend time with as many of my friends as possible, as much as possible. Uh, yeah. This one I did. My friend Nick's birthday, for which there was a dinner and boardgame night *and* a family dinner, my own birthday, which was a big old party at which I got more than a little drunk and played more than a few boardgames, several lunches with friends at Haymaker, lots of dinners out, some game nights, karaoke with a friend in town from LA. - very social this month.
4. Play at least 12 new board/card games this year. This was a big month for games. We played for my birthday, for a friend's birthday and at a game day. In addition to playing a lot of King of Tokyo (possibly my favorite game of the moment), I got to try out Boss Monster and Forbidden Desert, and I got Lords of Waterdeep for my birthday. I've been playing that on my iPad addictively, and can't wait to try it out for real. So I'm at 6 new games, halfway through the goal.

5. Stay under 200 lbs. My exercise habits also slipped in April, but miraculously, I'm still within my goal of 200 lbs., some days a touch over, but usually a touch under. I've been doing the elliptical every few days, I really need to make it a more regular thing. And now that it's nice out, I need to start walking outside more.

Where I Ate This Month:

1. Torchy's Tacos
2. Michi Ramen
3. Deckhand Oyster Bar
4. Chuy's
5. Noble Sandwich Central
6. Haymaker
7. Outback Steakhouse
8. Easy Tiger
9. Jack Allen's Kitchen
10. Texas Roadhouse
11. California Pizza Kitchen
12. Mighty Fine Burgers & Fries

Stuff I Wrote:
1. About A Boy Review

Stuff I Podcasted:

1. Roguecasts Episode 26-29 - Marvel Now, Battlestar Galactica Boardgame, Game of Thrones, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and more
2. TV Dudes - Review, How I Met Your Mother, Agents of SHIELD, Veronica Mars movie, Veep, Turn, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, The Americans, Mad Men, Justified, Hannibal and more