Wednesday, September 14, 2005

So there's a story in the Austin-American Statesman:
The local paper has a story about a drag show getting quietly threatened by the Round Rock Mayor. (That's my take on it, btw, if you're going to talk about it elsewhere, be sure and read the story so you have the whole story). Basically, the implications of homosexuality worry Nyle Maxwell, the Round Rock mayor, who told the business owner (a coffee shop owner who has also hosted Christian band shows) "Sarah, you've got to look out after your business. You've hit a lot of people's radar screens" and "A single event like this will not affect the viability of business downtown or the overall environment or the family-first environment. We have too many strong, conservative values, and this is a single event. There may or not be more. That's up to how Sarah conducts her business."

He closes up with "This is not Sixth Street, Austin, Texas; this is Round Rock, and it's a world of difference."

You know what, Mayor Maxwell? You're right. There is a difference. The comic book store I work at is located in Round Rock... but when someone asks who isn't specifically asking for directions, I tell them it's in Austin. You know why? Because Austin to me symbolizes freedom of expression, strong human rights values and creativity, and Round Rock symbolizes bigoted "Christian" sleazebags like yourself. You don't like drag shows? Don't fucking attend them and don't call out the fire marshal to come look for code violations and then make veiled threats about the business owner not fitting in with your morals.

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