Friday, September 30, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - October 5, 2005:

Conan The God In The Bowl And Other Stories Hc (The second collection of the terrific Busiek/Nord Conan)
Fog Tp (A standalone story that tells a tale of an earlier "invasion of the Fog" from the one being told in the new movie. Writing by Scott "Devil's Footprints" Allie, takes place in post Civil War San Francisco)
Mary Jane Vol 2 Homecoming Digest Tp (The second Mary Jane series, defying low sales, gets a digest collection, and that makes me happy)

Aeon Flux #1 (The art on this one looked pretty nice, and I'm always up for a good action/sci-fi comic)
Amazing Fantasy #13 (This series is selling really poorly, a shame since Marvel is introducing some interesting new characters in its pages. I believe this one is the first of "Vegas," a new hero based in Texas. Yeah, it seems counter-intuitive to me too... but still interesting!)
Conan & The Demons Of Khitai #1 (Still wary of writer Akira Yoshida, whose Marvel work has been disappointing, but curious to see a King Conan tale after becoming a fan of Dark Horse's version of the barbarian)
Fantastic Four Iron Man Big In Japan #1 (Looks like fun, with quirky artwork by Seth Fisher and a story by Zeb Wells, who I think, along with Dan Slott, is writing what I want to see out of Marvel's characters)
Fell #2 (Really enjoyed the first issue of this one, looking forward to more)
Gotham Central #36 (The latest, possibly concluding, chapter in the murdered "Robins" story)
Grounded #3 (I'm enjoying this tale of a normal kid at a school full of superheroes. Great artwork)
Marvel Monsters Devil Dinosaur (I've only read a few preview pages in the back of some of Marvel's titles, but there's great talent on these Marvel Monsters specials, and they look like a lot of fun)
Quitter Hc (Harvey Pekar and Dean Haspiel... been waiting to read this one since it was announced, and the pages I saw in San Diego looked fantastic)
Showcase Presents Metamorpho Vol 1 Tp (DC's Showcase line is beautifully designed, and this is the first of their weirder, off-the-beaten path collections. Me, I'm hoping for collections of stuff like Viking Prince and Warlord)
Spellgame #1 (Dan Mishkin's new story of magic in Las Vegas)
True Porn 2 (Really enjoyed the first volume of this anthology, looking forward to reading the second)
True Story Swear To God #15 (The latest chapter in Tom Beland's story of adjusting to life in Puerto Rico)
Usagi Yojimbo #87 (The latest chapter in the "Mother of the Mountains" story, which has been great so far)
V For Vendetta New Edition Hc (I have Watchmen already, so the Absolute Watchmen HC out this week would be kind of silly, but I don't actually own V For Vendetta, so this might be a good time to finally add it to the collection)

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