Friday, September 09, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - September 14:

Action Comics #831 (The fight between Black Adam and Superman is good, but the Bizarro/Zoom race, a take-off on the classic Superman/Flash pairings of the past, is pure gold in Simone's hands)
Desolation Jones #3 (A bizarre collection of Ellis's fascination with violence, technology and porn, but somehow it works. JH Williams's gorgeous art probably helps)
Fables #41 (Quite possibly the best issue of the series ever, a great wrap-up to the excellent "Homelands" story)

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #2 (The first issue was disappointing to say the least, and may have killed my interest in the series entirely, unless the second issue is just miles better)
Ferro City #2 ("Robot noir," a nice blend of sci-fi and detective pulp with beautiful graytoned art)
Full Moon Fever GN (Werewolves... on the moon! Sounds like fun from AIT/Planet Lar)
Gravity #4 (Tied with New Warriors for my favorite Marvel miniseries currently running)
Thor Blood Oath #1 (Not a huge Thor fan, but I'll give this a look if only for Scott Kolins's artwork)
Hunger #4 (The unusual zombie in the bayou comic continues. I do wonder how the disaster in New Orleans is going to affect this comic, if at all)
Of Bitter Souls #2 (Same with this one, which made great use of the New Orleans setting in its first issue. Good superhero/mystical blend with art by Norm Breyfogle, a favorite artist of mine from the '90s)
PS238 Vol 2 TPB (I haven't read all of the issues in this collection of Aaron Williams's superhero elementary school comic, but every issue I've read has been good)
Punisher Max Vol 1 HC (Haven't read all the issues in this, either, but what I have read of the Punisher Max series, I've liked. I might pick this up, if only because I'm not getting anything else this week)
Stronghold #1 (New Phil Hester-penned series! That's all I need to know, and anyone who has read Deep Sleeper or The Coffin knows why)

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