Monday, September 12, 2005

Upcoming on Fourth Rail:
Just a quick post to let readers know what's coming up from me on Fourth Rail for the rest of this month. I think I've decided that this will be a "theme" month for Snap Judgments. Of course, I sort of already blew that by going non-themed in the first week, but oh, well. At any rate, this week will be a mini-comics review piece, with possibly a couple graphic novels and *maybe* (outside chance) Snapshot reviews as well.

Then, over the course of the next two-three weeks, I'll hit a handful of themed reviews I've been thinking about:

*Conan piece (Looking at Dark Horse's first Conan TPB, the last five self-contained story issues of Conan, three of the recent Chronicles of Conan trades (5-7) and the first issue of Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja, which is definitely trying to evoke a Conan feel)

*Xeric piece (A little mini-column about the Xeric Grant and why it's a cool thing, as well as reviews of 2005 award winners recently sent to me like Thread #1 and Blackmane, as well as reviews of past winners that I happen to have on hand.

*Active Images (A link to past reviews of Richard Starkings's Active Image Gold line, as well as reviews of the slate of new releases from San Diego, including Ballast, Solstice, The Fly Chronicles, Gunpowder Girl & Outlaw Squaw and more)

*Complete Series (I have in my head to do a complete miniseries review of Children of the Grave #1-4 and a review of the past 3-4 issues of Johnny Raygun at some point)

Most likely, somewhere in this time there will be a release week that makes me want to review some more of the recent release stuff, and I'll do at least Snapshots on some of these weeks as well. But that's a pretty good indication of the reviews I'll probably be doing over the next month or so.

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