Saturday, September 03, 2005

More on Podcasts:
I'm trying not to keep writing so much and dwelling on Katrina and New Orleans unless I can come up with something helpful. While I love seeing The Bush Administration take a beating for their failures, I feel like some folks are taking this opportunity to take political potshots beyond the scope of just calling the administration out for their legitimate failures, and that's really no better than the name-calling and bullshit that goes on regularly on the right wing, so I want no part in it. I'm pissed at Bush and cronies for pissing away so many lives and so much money on Iraq that we have less money and manpower to help out quickly and efficiently in New Orleans, but some folks are sounding like conspiracy theorists, that the rich are deliberately trying to kill the poor left behind in New Orleans with a program of incompetence and apathy. Maybe I'm just being naive, but my philosophy tend to be not to ascribe to evil motives that are more likely just human stupidity and incompetence. I've seen a lot of those two things, but true evil is something you don't see as often.

Well, that's a lot of text on New Orleans for a post that's not about New Orleans. At any rate, what I was going to say before I derailed myself with my attempted disclaimer was that I continue to explore what's out there in podcasts. I feel like I've barely dipped my toe in the waters, but I'll keep looking. So far what I'm really enjoying are the Battlestar Galactica podcasts from Ronald D. Moore (and David Eick, of late), the Ebert/Roeper review podcasts (even though I often disagree with both of them), I Read Comics (Lene Taylor's excellent and esoteric comics podcast) and Neil Gorman's Comicology (no relation to the short-lived but excellent magazine.) I tried Comicsgeekspeak, but the damn thing is like an hour and a half long, and I just don't have the patience for it. About 30 minutes is as long as I want to listen to a given podcast, it seems.

I'm sure there are good podcasts out there that I'm missing, but I'll keep exploring them until I find more that I like. Honestly, there's only so much time I have to listen to them, whether in the car or at my computer, so I don't need a lot of them. But there's some great work being done in the... medium? Is podcasting a medium? Or a delivery system for the audio medium?

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