Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Miss Summer:
I don't mean the one that's ending now, I mean the summers from about 20 years back when summer meant summer vacation. I look at the vast piles of stuff I need to read, ranging from ever-increasing piles of comp comics to role-playing game books I bought over a year ago to novels I bought over two or three years ago and realize that I'm just never gonna get caught up.

I miss summers, when I didn't have any real adult responsibilities (aside from maybe a part-time job), and I could just sit down and read when I felt like it. I mean, it's not like I have no time now, but usually that time comes when I'm sort of not in that reading headspace, and I'd rather watch some TV or play some videogames or try to dig through my variety of RSS feeds and emails.

Truthfully, it's not my paid work that is interfering with my free time so much as my unpaid work for The Fourth Rail. I'd love to take a little time off, but taking time off means that comics aren't getting reviewed, and the pile of stuff I want to review will keep increasing, and that's just a vicious cycle. With any luck, I can get the comp pile under control again before Christmas, and then maybe take a nice couple weeks to a month off in December or January before diving back in again.

Yeah, I miss Christmas Break too.

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