Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - September 28, 2005:

Let me just say, this looks like a phenomenal week, especially if you're a fan of small press stuff (Peng, Polly, Long Hot Summer) or OEL manga (Dramacon, I Luv Halloween, Steady Beat)

Action Philosophers #1 2nd Printing (This was a fun surprise, the story of actual philosophers with a tongue-in-cheek narration style, akin to Jay Hosler's work)
Daredevil #77 (Two issues in, and the final story of Bendis and Maleev shows signs of bringing me back onboard the book to come back and pick up the hardcovers I've missed. Good stuff)
Jack Cross #2 (A weaker second issue, but still has its moments, including a great chase/gunfight scene)
New Warriors #4 (Continues to be funny and beautifully illustrated, one of Marvel's best books)
Runaways Vol 4 True Believers Digest (Still hoping for a hardcover ala volume one, but I think I'll pick up the digest just in case, because by the time this story ended, Runaways was back to being one of my favorite books again)
Silent Dragon #3 (Nice art, plenty of action, utterly confusing story. Pretty disappointing, actually)

Action Philosophers Self Help For Ugly Loosers (See above re: Action Philosophers. This one should be fun, and worth a read)
Bprd The Black Flame #2 (Haven't read the first one yet, but the previous BPRD miniseries by this creative team was great)
Dramacon Vol 1 (One of the much-hyped OEL manga from Tokyopop, this one by Svetlana... I'll check it out)
Faceless Terry Sharp Story Gn (A spy story from some of the creators of The Black Forest, definitely worth a look)
I Luv Halloween Vol 1 (Keith Giffen's OEL manga which looks bizarre and fun)
Invincible #26 (Can't wait to see the cliffhanger from #25 resolved. Another of my favorite series)
Long Hot Summer Gn (Looking forward to seeing how this tale of mod/scooter romance comes out as well)
Losers #28 (I'm a couple issues behind on The Losers, but still greatly enjoying the book)
Night Mary #2 (First issue of this one was good, had a bit of a Dreamscape/Nightmask quality, for those of you into obscure references)
Peng One Shot (Kickball from the creator of Sharknife... which I really need to get one of these days)
Polly & The Pirates #1 (All ages pirate adventure from the creator of Courtney Crumrin)
Previews Vol Xv #10 (Down the Line coming next week)
Pvp #19 (Another issue of Scott Kurtz making with the ha-ha)
Steady Beat Vol 1 (One of the super-hyped OEL manga, this one has a terrific looking art style and is by an Austin local, so I'll definitely be checking it out)
Young Avengers #7 (Good to see another issue of this already... now we can see if the story gets underway or if it's more setup)

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