Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weekly Recap - October 2nd, 2010

Intro/Random (NYCC Edition):
New York Comicon is next weekend... and I really need to do a little planning. I usually over-plan for San Diego, I haven't done much planning at all for this show.

Of course, after posting this I got three separate emails that helped fill up my plans a bit. And now I'm starting to hit a few schedule conflicts. Nothing like trying to schedule panels at San Diego, though.

I'll have two or three dinners while I'm there... need recommendations for good restaurants in New York! Good food, not gourmet food... more Adam Richman than Anthony Bourdain.

...And there is no way on Earth my 11:35 arrival at JFK gets me to the convention center in time for Darwyn Cooke's retailer signing. Damn!

Comics I Read This Week:
Terminator 1984 #1 (The center of this story is a pretty ballsy retcon, but it opens with Whedon addressing the "no more time travel" of Terminator that was ignored in every other project going forward. That, the quality of Whedon's previous Terminator mini and Ben's reaction to the present, a neat little character moment, has me extending a bit of trust)

Chew #14 (The return of Savoy does not disappoint. Nor does the introduction of Tony's crazy ex.)

Comics News:
Huh. Well, it's an unexpected choice, I'll give them that. And a first, right? No one has ever been EiC of both Marvel *and* DC before?

Liefeld's praise for Bob Harras concludes with "Age of Apocalypse, X-Force, X-tinction Agenda, X-Cutioners Song, Gen X, Deadpool. Bob Harras presided over all of these. Good resume." I would guess Harras is probably thinking "Hey, Rob... stop helping."

The first TV Dudes audio podcast... introduced in this video teaser.

Great Stephen J. Cannell retrospective by Alan Sepinwall.