Sunday, September 25, 2005

Metti-Publisher Round 2:
I got *slightly* less of a butt-kicking in round two, but I'm still a big 'ol loser when it comes to fantasy publishing. I was up to #226 from #235, and Augie was still one slot below me, although Nate passed me by and wound up at #219. I'm third in my league, behind Jason James (Ranked #2 across the entire game) and Steve Rolston.

I'm not sure I'm really into this style of fantasy publishing. It's too much based on the numbers, and so if you just nab, say Brian Michael Bendis and Geoff Johns in the early going, since they've got numerous top books, you can pretty much mop the floor with your opponents. I mean, my second round team had the artist on the #1 book, and I was #226, because I didn't have one of the big two or three writers who handle multiple books.

Not saying there's anything wrong with the Metti-Publisher, just not sure it's a game that's for me. I do too much obsessing over the Diamond Top 300 anyway.

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