Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just in case he's reading my blog:
I was much amused (in a pissed-off sort of way) to read a letter from confessed "anti-homosexuality" conservative Aaron Gore of Middleton, Rhode Island in the latest Young Avengers. Usually folks try to dance around it, saying "I'm not anti-gay, I just don't want it in my comics," but Gore has the... well, let's go ahead and call it balls to come out and admit that he's a bigot, even if he doesn't see anything particularly wrong with it.

What amuses me is that Gore has blinkered himself by saying that "it is not as if Heinberg has made a plain show of support for the lifestyle in the book" and that Gore could view it as a flaw in the characters, rather than a support for the homosexual "lifestyle."

Which amuses me because Heinberg *is* gay, so I suspect that he might come down on the "pro" side of things. And Gore is just doing his best tap-dance to convince himself that he can read the book because it's not saying gays are OK in any way.

I love Young Avengers, but I'm finding the letter column to be as thought-provoking and entertaining as the rest of the book. I especially have to give credit to Heinberg for running letters from the "other side," as it were, without just ridiculing him (he's a better man than I am, clearly), but I was particularly moved by the story of a gay man who helped his nephew recover from an attempted suicide with the help of Young Avengers issues.

Long story short: Read Young Avengers. Not just because it's great, but because it's doing something important in the world of superhero comics.

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