Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Weekend:
Working weekend this time out. Worked Friday 9-5, worked Saturday 3-10, working tomorrow 9-oh, probably about 1 doing ordering for the month of November. 9 am, I hear you ask, so why are you up posting on your blog at 2 am? Or maybe you aren't. I dunno.

At any rate, the weekend proper is pretty well shot, although I'll at least have the afternoon and evening to spend with Suzanne and Katy. I've been a tad blocked on the writing lately, so I'm holding off on reviews until Thursday, hoping that I'll be able to give the two Xeric books in my review pile the attention they're due. (I've read them both, and liked them both, but that's hardly enough to say if I'm going to give them a decent review). So Sunday is a free day for me, aside from the morning work schedule... which really amounts to little more than taking some of my sleep time, since I tend to get up after noon on days off anyway.

Monday, though... Monday is when Burnout Revenge arrives at my house. And oh, what a glorious time that will be. I can see the cars smashing into one another at breakneck speeds, causing massive explosions of fire and metal, already.

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