Friday, September 16, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - September 21:
Birds Of Prey #86 (Interesting issue that sets up the "Birds of Prey" name officially, sets up their new base of operations and features art from Bruce Timm and David Lopez)
Bprd The Dead Tp (Terrific second arc of the BPRD series with gorgeous Guy Davis art and the introduction of the new zombie leader of the BPRD unit)
Hulk Visionaries Peter David Vol 2 Tp (I'd almost consider not buying this, since it's mostly the issues that I have in the old Hulk: Ground Zero TPB, but I'm enough of a format whore to want the entire Peter David Visionaries. At any rate, some of the dialogue and staging can be a bit hokey, but this is more of the beginning of a classic and maybe definitive run on The Hulk)
Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle #1 (Has its moments, and really nice Pasqual Ferry artwork, but the art switch-up for the last three issues and the strange disconnect I get from New Gods being revamped in Morrison-speak make this, to my mind, the weakest of the Seven Soldiers launches thus far)
Sleeper Vol 4 The Long Way Home Tp (The grand (and dark) finale of Brubaker and Phillip's undercover supervillain masterpiece. Glad to have the whole thing collected in trades)

Black Forest Vol 2 Castle Of Shadows Gn (The first Black Forest was great, a nice mixture of WWI period setting, Universal monsters and a pulp feel. Looking forward to reading the new one)
Girls #5 (After the revelation at the end of issue #4, I'm dying to see more of this off-beat horror book)
Godland #3 (One of my favorite new books, a nice mixture of Kirby-esque adventure and Casey's sensibilities)
Goon #14 (More Goon is always good)
Green Lantern Corps Recharge #1 (The chaotic nature of Rann/Thanagar War makes me wary of this one, but my enjoyment of the Green Lantern series by Johns has me curious to read it at any rate)
Janes World #21 (More of Paige Braddock's delightful lesbian romance/humor comic strip collected)
Runaways #8 (Part one of this story was great, and I'm looking forward to part two, which promises more revelations about Karolina's alien "friend" and more Miyazawa artwork)
Stray Bullets #39 (Another dose of Lapham's "white trash pulp fiction" is always welcome)
Temporary A Dirt Nap #4 (Damon Hurd and Rick Smith tell another tale of their multiple personality temp Envy St. Claire)

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