Monday, September 19, 2005

The New Fall Season - Monday:
Though Fox already started, and HBO got an early jump with Rome, this week is really when the Fall season starts to kick in. I'll be posting my thoughts on the new and returning shows that I'm watching as the whim strikes me.

Arrested Development: The show does not miss a step in returning for its third season, and it wouldn't surprise me if the third season is better than the second, which was better than the first. The show always makes me laugh out loud, and I'm shocked by how they flirt with broadcast standards, provide smart comedy that rewards continuity-followers but doesn't exclude casual viewers and always seems to get the best out of the guest stars. Easily the best show on television right now, as far as I'm concerned.

Kitchen Confidential: With AD as a lead-in, it's only natural that Kitchen Confidential couldn't be as good. The mixed reviews for the pilot were earned, as there are some definite story hiccups and a contrived ending, but... the cast is exceptionally likable, some of the writing is very sharp, and I definitely got some laughs. I'll keep watching this and hope to catch How I Met Your Mother in reruns. Kind of funny that both Kitchen Confidential and How I Met Your Mother boast castmembers from Buffy, Freaks & Geeks and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. OK, it's funny to me.

Prison Break: We're in the fourth week of Prison Break, and I'm interested enough to keep watching but not really all that involved in it. There's a lot of contrivance going on, along the lines of 24, but the payoff isn't quite as strong in terms of making me want to come back, at least not yet. It's very much in the "I'll watch it because it's worth my time, but if there was competition in the timeslot it'd be gone" category for me.

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