Friday, August 12, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come:
For the week of August 17, 2005

Batman Journey Into Knight #1 (I stopped reading when Batman explained to a thug that he was wearing a kevlar vest. Looks pretty dull, and the art by Tan Eng Huat is disappointing compared to his previous work as well.)
Birds Of Prey #85 (One of the few DC titles I'm still reading, and it continues to be great. I'm a little wary of the surprise on the last page, but I have enough faith in Simone to keep reading anyway. Solid martial arts action in this issue as well, although the two pencillers/two inkers thing hurts the artwork a little.)
Fragile Prophet #1 (Intriguing story about a young man and his little brother, who may have a psychic gift)
GI Spy #1 (Fun spy action book in World War II. Review HERE)
Hunger #3 (Really enjoying this one, an unusual zombie tale where the zombie is the protagonist, coming out from Speakeasy)
Livewires #6 (Good ending to a great miniseries, plenty of imaginative action and humor)
Noble Causes Vol 4 Blood & Water Tp (I think these are the stories where I started to be won back over to Noble Causes again, as it went back to full color and longer stories)
Runners Bad Goods Tp (Very entertaining spacefaring adventure. Review HERE)
Seven Soldiers Klarion The Witch Boy #3 (I'm starting to lose the plot a little, but there are still enough weird ideas and gorgeous art in the Seven Soldiers books to keep me reading)
Top Ten Beyond The Farthest Precinct #1 (I didn't have much faith in a non-Alan Moore Top 10 book, and this one didn't do anything to give me faith. If it weren't Top 10, one of my favorite books with all kinds of potential, I'd say it was just mediocre superheroics. As is, I'll say that it's pretty terrible.)

Dragonlance Chronicles #1 (I read and enjoyed the Dragonlance trilogy when I was in high school. Not sure if my interest in the characters and story remains. Guess we'll see.)
GI Joe Snake-Eyes Declassified #1 (My GI Joe fandom has pretty well died out beyond nostalgia for the Marvel stuff, but they sent me a preview copy, so I'll at least take a look.)
Godland #2 (First issue was cosmic adventure fun with terrific artwork, looking forward to seeing the confrontation between hero and villain in issue two)
Maxx Book Five Tp (I think this is the final Maxx trade. At any rate, I've been picking all of them up, and though the story gets just bizarre as it goes on, the whole thing remains enjoyable and looks great.)
Of Bitter Souls #1 (New Speakeasy series with art by Norm Breyfogle, a favorite of mine from the '90s)
Queen Bee Sc (Really looking forward to Scholastic's offering from Chynna Clugston, about warring teenage girls with telekinetic powers)
Rex Libris #1 (The tale of an intergalactic librarian from Slave Labor Graphics. Could be fun.)
Rocketo #1 (I've read issue zero of this, and it was a little scattered storywise but gorgeous to look at, so I'll keep up for at least an issue or two)
Small Gods #10 (Start of a new story arc in the sci-fi/psychic/cop/crime book from Image. I missed the second arc for the most part, but the first trade and the Small Gods special were top notch.)

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