Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday night:
Almost lost the daily posting thing only a couple weeks in, but I got in just in time for a quick note about tonight's activities. My buddy Chris Nicholas is having a birthday tomorrow, and a party tomorrow, but tonight he went with a few friends who couldn't make the party to a Korean restaurant here in town.

I haven't had Korean food since I lived in New York, but I liked it then and I still like it now. We went to Korea House and had a great meal of duck, bacon, beef, pork and chicken bul gogi, which means it's cooked on the grill in the center of the table. There's also an assortment of veggie dishes, my favorite of which were the potatoes in sugar and of course the kimchee. Really good food, and I'll definitely go back.

After that, we retired to the nearby coffehouse Texspresso to grab a little dessert and chat for several hours about movies, books, politics, all the sorts of stuff that people talk about. An enjoyable evening with friends old and new.

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