Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Mighty Ducks:
Just last week, I posted a review of The Life & Times of Uncle Scrooge, which was really my first exposure to the Disney comics of Don Rosa (and by association, sort of, the work of Carl Barks.)

On an average review, I tend to get between 0 and 2 pieces of email. Maybe something from the creator or a devoted fan, but I really only get more than about a half-dozen emails if I write something that strikes a nerve (like my early reviews of Identity Crisis) or if I make some glaring error that twelve people instantly write in to correct me on. :)

On the Ducks review, I have received over a half-dozen emails, all with more info on where to find more Barks/Rosa duck stories, what the good ones are, etc. That is one fanatical fanbase, and I have to admit, the enthusiasm is definitely infectious.

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