Saturday, August 20, 2005

Metti-Publisher Round 1:
Wow, did I get a butt-kicking. Ranked 235 out of 290 players. Simone was definitely my top player, earning places for Villains United, Action Comics and Birds of Prey, with Peter David delivering three for Hulk (two issues) and Hulk: Destruction. Once some of his new stuff, like X-Factor and Fallen Angel, starts coming out that'll help. Most of the rest of my players had two books, many of them fairly low on the sales charts. No surprise, there... most of my favorite books are low on the sales charts.

However, I did beat out Augie by one place and I spotted Nate two places below him. So I take some solace in that. I take less solace in barely beating out folks whose entire teams were on the bench. *sigh* Guess I need to do some trading/moving around/thinking about this stuff.

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