Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I rented the first season of Entourage when it came out on DVD and really enjoyed it. The story of a young hot superstar actor on the rise and his hangers-on, agent and business manager could have been just ridiculously dull or hard to buy into, but I really enjoyed it and found it really funny. With all the buzz about season two involving Vince (the superstar) lining up to play Aquaman, it's been getting bigger play than usual in the geek sector, and so I've been hearing more and more about it.

So, finally, I broke down and decided I couldn't wait for season two on DVD, and went to my friend with HBO and Tivo and caught the first six episodes. And the second season is even better. It's funny, but I'm also just wrapped up in these characters' lives and their ridiculous problems, like whether they're going to get a multimillion dollar movie deal so they can keep their 4 million dollar house or who Eric, the manager of Vince and probably my second-favorite character, will wind up with after he's lost his girlfriend and had to settle for a one night stand with a Perfect 10 model.

I say second favorite character because, really, nobody can top Ari Gold, the super-arrogant, manic, insanely funny super-agent played by Jeremy Piven. I've always been a Piven fan, but Ari Gold is probably the best character he's ever played.

So, in short... Entourage. Really good. Sex and the City, but for guys. Together with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Deadwood, very much wearing down my resolve *not* to spend the extra money on HBO every month. The Fall season of network TV better be good, or I may have to break down and order the HBO.

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