Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just a warning... this is a lame post, made mostly to keep the "daily" thing going.

International House of Pancakes is, oddly enough, one of my favorite restaurants. Depending on the criteria you use. I mean, I don't go there for special occasions, I don't head there when I'm hungry for dinner and haven't got anything prepared. But I probably go there once every couple weeks, because it is the ideal late night place to eat. For somewhere between $11-12 (including tip), I get eggs, hash browns, some kind of meat (sometimes one kind, sometimes three) and some kind of dessert-y breakfast item (I'm partial to the stuffed french toast, although the funnel cakes and just plain pancakes are good too). It's a great meal to have after pulling comics until midnight on Tuesdays, which is when I usually venture down there with my co-worker Dave.

That's it... just a little appreciation for the wonder of late-night IHOP.

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