Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Am a Bad Friend:
Despite the frequent ads in Speakeasy and having talked to him about it before it launched, I realize now that I have never actually linked over to Buzzscope, a comics/games/pop culture site that is run and supported by a number of friends past and present. Jon Haehnle is their producer/designer, and Joe Doughrity their senior comics editor, and I worked with both those guys during my time at Psycomic, and the site is sponsored by Midtown Comics, which was my comics shop for the six months I lived in New York. (I love Midtown Comics. I miss Midtown Comics.)

It's also worth noting that Joe just won Best Documentary at the San Diego Comicon's International Film Festival for his movie "Seven Days in Japan." You can catch the trailer HERE and see more about the movie and buy it online (only $10 plus shipping) HERE.

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