Friday, August 19, 2005

Weekly Comics to Come - Aug. 24, 2005
Battle Pope Color #2 (More Battle Pope! In color!)
Catwoman Wild Ride Tp (The final Brubaker/Stewart Catwoman, which includes the "Road Trip" arc and the Captain Cold issue, one of my favorite issues of the entire run)
Daredevil #76 (I've been off this for a long time, and mostly I still am, but the early stuff in this issue between Urich and the Kingpin is really, really good)
Giffens What Were They Thinking One Shot (Keith Giffen re-dialogues old war comics. I've only skimmed it so far, but what I've read is exceptionally funny)
Girls #4 (This may be the most bizarre horror story I've ever read. The attack of the hot naked chicks?! Bizarre, but entertaining, and getting better with each issue)
Godland #2 (More cosmic style adventure by Casey and Scioli)

1000 Deaths Of Baron Von Donut #1 (I can't remember what this is, but the title means I'll at least look)
Banana Sundays #2 (One of my favorite comics of the last month returns with a second issue. Might be my most anticipated read of the week)
Grounded #2 (Enjoyed the first issue of this unusual superhero story, looking forward to reading more)
Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis The Menace 1951-1952 Hc (Still surprised to be buying this, but the sample strips looked genuinely funny)
History Of Violence Tp (Might check this out now, if only because the other Paradox stuff has been pretty good and the premise, now that I know it, sounds interesting as well)
Invincible #25 (Yay! Big Invincible anniversary issue! Plus Science Dog!)
Jack Cross #1 (Looks like Warren Ellis's take on 24's Jack Bauer, with of course the usual touch of cynical detachment and some gorgeous art by Gary Erskine)
JSA Classified #2 (Part two of Power Girl's origin, and I'm still curious, although it looks like it's going to tie into Infinite Crisis, so I'm getting less so)
Little Star #4 (Issue three finally hooked me, so I'm eagerly anticipating more of Andi Watson's story of the trials of parenthood)
Monkey In A Wagon Vs Lemur On A Big Wheel #1 (What I saw of this strange book in San Diego was just ridiculously funny)
Mutation #2 (First issue of this had fantastic art and great fights, but no plot to speak of. Curious to see what the second issue will bring)
Previews #25.9 (Down the Line coming next week)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 2 #2 (This is the one by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett about Tom Wallace. It's late, but good)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 3 #3 (This is the one by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten about Nick Poole. It's on time, and also good)
Robot (Digital Manga mostly does yaoi, but this looks like something different, a full-color manga anthology possibly along the lines of Flight)
Sesame Street Cinemanga Vol 1 Elmo & Zoe Fly A Kite (Probably buying this, and the other one, Happy Healthy Monster, for my daughter. She loves Elmo, Zoe and Sesame Street in general)
Smoke #3 (One of my favorite comic series of the year comes to a close. Amazing Igor Kordey art on this one, and De Campi's writing debut is also just exceptionally strong)
Spike Old Times One Shot (Not much of a Spike fan, but I do like Peter David... might give this one a look)
Walking Dead #21 (One of my favorite comics running right now)

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