Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just because I haven't mentioned it lately, I have to once again say how much I love Netflix. I wasn't sure when I first joined, a couple years ago, that it would be worth it. $20 a month for as many DVDs as I could rent sounded good in theory, but would I really watch enough to make it worth it? As it turned out, the answer was a very loud yes.

In recent weeks, I've caught the entirety of The Job, the series that Dennis Leary and Peter Tolan created before Rescue Me. I like Rescue Me a lot, and I think the second season has been even better than the first, but I think I liked The Job more. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to those characters, and while Leary's character in The Job was a jerk, I think Tommy Gavin (from Rescue Me) is more damaged. I've actually come to hate the character and start rooting against him at times. He's still interesting as hell to watch, but he crossed past likeable and sympathetic about four episodes ago.

This weekend, I've got a potpourri of indie or foreign films to watch. Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut (a cult flick I've never seen), Criminal (on a Maggie Gyllenhall kick after seeing her on The Daily Show, which began with a rental of Secretary) and Infernal Affairs (the Hong Kong flick about a cop undercover in the mob and a mobster undercover in the cops, which I've heard great stuff about.)

Now all I have to do is work about four more hours and I can get home and watch one or two of those movies.

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