Sunday, August 14, 2005

Captain Boomerang:
How cool is this? When I got my mail yesterday upon coming home from a really rotten day at work, there was an envelope in it from Jim DiBartolo. Jim is the upcoming artist on Rex Mundi, and one of my Netflix friends, and we've talked about TV, movies, comics, etc. via email. When I saw him in San Diego, I asked if he was sketching and he said that he'd rather do something at home and send it to me. I asked about Captain Boomerang, and though he hadn't read Suicide Squad, he went and did some research and absolutely nailed the character in the picture you see below.

The scan really doesn't completely do it justice. It's terrific.

Of all the things I hated about Identity Crisis, I think the thing that most irked me personally was that Meltzer killed off Captain Boomerang. I know, it sounds stupid, but Boomerang was one of the coolest parts of one of my favorite comics, John Ostrander's Suicide Squad, and now he died like a punk, written by someone who clearly didn't get the character.

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