Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - July 30, 2008

After last week's onslaught, this week looks like a drought. But that's OK, because I'm now way behind on comics reading, and don't need a flood of new books.

Haunt Of Horror Lovecraft #2 (Loved the first issue of this, Corben on Lovecraft is awesome)
Northlanders #8 (Wrapping up the long, but pretty good, first arc of Northlanders)
Nova Vol 2 Knowhere TP (Communist space dog. And that's only part of why I can't wait to reread these Nova issues)
Pigeons From Hell #4 (Concluding the terrific horror mini from Dark Horse)
Wolverine #67 (I'm digging the hell out of this. Turns out, it's OK to give Millar the Marvel sandbox to play in after all the heroes have died and the villains have taken over.)

Contract #1 (Kind of a cool '80s sci-fi action movie in paper form)
Dynamo 5 #15 (Great superhero storytelling, with unfolding plots and great characters, reminiscent of Invincible at its best)
Fantastic Four True Story #1 (Weird little concept, but fun, decent art although I wish the cover artist were doing interiors)
Femme Noir Dark City Diaries #2 (I generally liked the first issue of this one)
Jim Butchers Dresden Files #4 (Concluding (I think?) the new Dresden story by the author, for comics. Good stuff.)
Pilot Season The Core #1 (Top Cow's second pilot season has been pretty damn good, surprisingly)
Teen Titans #61 (I was going to stop reading this, but Static might be joining up, and that'll keep me in for a while)
Ultimate Spider-Man #124 (Read this on a whim, and it's not bad. I have a fondness for the Beetle, Immonen does a nice job on the action sequences, and Bendis's dialogue tics are mostly endearing and only occasionally grating)
X-men First Class Vol 2 #14 (The second part isn't as awesome as the first part of the Machine Man story, but it's still good stuff)

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