Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Is Awesome

If you haven't already heard about Sean Tevis, who's running for State Representative in Kansas, go check this out. It's a very funny comic in the style of XCKD that he used for fund-raising. He's within 3 points (last I heard) of his anti-evolution, pro-censorship, pro-surveillance, anti-gay incumbent, and he was trying to raise $26,000 to outspend his opponent, since money helps determine a lot of races.

So he made up a webcomic where he laid out his basic fundraising plan, asking for $8.34 from 3000 people (which would break the Kansas record by some 2300+). He hit 3000 people in just under 40 hours. As of right now, he's got 5,298 people.

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