Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rock Band 2 = drooool

I was excited by this last Friday, which saw not only the announcement of a couple Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks, but the upcoming, long-anticipated Who pack, as well as Rock Band 2.

In September. Only three, maybe two-and-a-half, months away. My plan was to just buy the game, but then some news leaked out today about the new instruments and they look super-sweet. I already have a wireless guitar, but I love the look of the new one, I have *got* to have the wireless drums, and so I might wind up buying the whole set... or I might buy the game and buy the wireless drums separately, if that's an option.

Then there's the rumored setlist. If even half of this is correct (and the odds seem pretty good), it's going to be an impressive setlist, just like Rock Band 1. And all downloadable content is backwards-compatible. If only the original Rock Band music could also be loaded in if you already have the game, that would be the best, but that's a minor concern.

Plus the gameplay features, seemingly incorporating a lot of what I've been hoping for. Your customized characters can now play on any instrument. You can make your own setlists. There are more categories to organize song lists by (hopefully "downloads" is one of them.) World Tour is now online. There are no more band leaders. You can switch instruments during the tour. There's a battle of the bands mode. There are mini-campaigns not just by instrument, but by decade, genre and artist. And that's just the stuff I can tell from the promo, who knows what else will be in the offering.

I will be buying Rock Band 2 the very day it becomes available. I can't wait.


Nate Southard said...

Randy, Randy, Randy...

You're a dear friend, and I have fallen in love with the wonder that is Rock Band. Seriously, though... wireless drums? Roll those words around in your head for just a minute.



Unless the family is going to carry you and the drumset around the living room while you play, there is absolutely, positively, no remote need or use for wireless drums.

Please enjoy your Friday.

Randy said...

Nate, you're a dear friend, but once again, you know not what you speak. ;)

There are four reasons why I want the wireless drums:

1. Better quality drums, with better sound muffling so you don't hear the tap-tapping, metal kickpad and more resilience.

2. The current drums may be on the verge of breaking due to the heavy use they've undergone

3. Wireless means I don't have to plug in a USB hub to play the game, I just have to drag the instruments into the living room. It's a minor convenience, but it is a convenience.

Fourth and most importantly:

4. I am indeed training Aaron and Katy to carry me and my drums around the room as I play, to give me that Def Leppard - Drummer on a spinning pedestal vibe.

Too much? ;)

Btw, Rock Band tonight at 8. You should come play a few.