Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego Day 1

Started late, woke up about 9:15, read email and blogs until about 10, wasn't hungry so I decided to skip breakfast and head down to the Con on the shuttle. Arrived about 10:30.

11:30 - Hungry. Wound up having crappy Con hot dog and soda a couple hours later. Not eating breakfast dumb idea.

Wandered through Artists' Alley first thing, saw a bunch of folks. No Scott Kolins, Billy Tan or David Nakayama as of yet, but got sketchbooks from Paul Adams and Ryan Kelly, saw next Whiteout and another project (gorgeous work) from Steve Lieber, picked up sketchbook of David Hahn.

Picked up sketchbook from Scream Queen's Nate Watson, features ninjas and many hot girls. Also picked up latest sketchbook from Jeremy Haun.

Finally got to meet Fred Chao, who is as awesome as his book, Johnny Hiro. Picked up cool robot vs. giant monster print, got a kickass theme sketch.

Also started Katy's sketchbook, with Robin by Todd Nauck, Korgi by Christian Slade, and Starfire & Supergirl by Art Balthazar and Franco of Tiny Titans. Bought kid's book from Slade.

Met Nathan Fox, talked horror manga and various other stuff, got a nice sketch.

Went to EW Visionaries: Creators panel, which was pretty good. Twittered through much of it. Saw Graeme McMillan on the way out.

Touched base with Radical Publishing. Cool looking new books.

Picked up Sandman 20th anniversary poster, couldn't get Women of DCU. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

Skipped Dexter panel to go to dinner with Joe D. (and friends), Paul Benjamin, Alan Porter, Kristian Donaldson, Nick Derington and a few others. Shed a few folks when we got to The Field, but about eight of us sat down to eat. Never been to The Field before, which was clearly a mistake. Great food (I had a bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chicken breast that was awesomely heavy food, great for a starvation day at the Con) and nice atmosphere. Poor waitress had to separate check entire party, but she got good tips out of it.

Drink for this Con: Bottled cider. Had a raspberry one last night, it was good, they had same brand (but pear) at The Field, and it was tasty.

Went back to hotel to change, drop off stuff, went back to Hyatt via shuttle, got in a little after 10. No cider at Hyatt, so I got a rum and coke. Talked a lot with Paul and Alan, also finally got to say hi to Ross Richie for the first time in a couple years, chatted with a variety of Boom! folks as well as Kody Chamberlain and colorist Nathan Eyring, who had driven out from New Mexico.

Time change tiring me out, plus early day for retailer breakfast tomorrow, so I went back to hotel to blog and sleep.

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