Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Gotham PD!

So today, in The Batman Strikes #47, I've officially joined the Gotham City PD. Josh Elder (writer of this issue, creator of Mail Order Ninja and high on my "wish he was going to San Diego so we could get dinner again" list) wrote me, Dave Campbell, Chris Sims and Rachelle Goguen into Batman Adventures #47. Rachelle has the panels scanned in over at her site, and she got the coolest job (lighting the Bat signal). Sims also gets the cool job of heading up the tactical units. Me? I get to make sure "Every cop in Gotham is on the streets. Now." A direct order from Jim Gordon. So yeah, that's pretty damned cool. Campbell gets to call the Mayor, which is the least-cool job, but that's what he gets for retiring. ;)

It's also a really good issue, as it turns out. Only the second one I've ever read (the first was Elder's Batman/Superman issue, also a good one), it has a great take on Black Mask (a villain I don't traditionally like), nice use of the Joker, Batgirl and Robin, a *ton* of story, great action, terrific art by Christopher Jones (who I remember from Young Heroes in Love)... it actually made me interested in watching the show.

And I actually didn't know of Rachelle's blog, so it was cool to discover that as a result of this too.

Also, I'm quoted on the back of Halo & Sprocket 2 this week, and as Halo & Sprocket is probably one of my top ten favorite comics of all time (and definitely in the top three funniest comics I've ever read), that was cool too.

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Josh Elder said...

The show doesn't get good until the 3rd season with the introduction of Batgirl and doesn't get really good until the 4th season when they introduce Robin. It never reaches the level of the Timm/Dini version, but it definitely has its moments.

But I'd also suggest checking out the comics from the last two years or so. Jai Nitz, Russell Lissau and several others turn in some dynamite high-concept Batman stories. Well worth your time.

Oh, and welcome to the force!