Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - July 10th, 2008

Annihilation Conquest Book 2 HC (The beginning of my realization that Abnett & Lanning are my favorite superhero writers of the moment)
BPRD The Warning #1 (The Arcudi/Mignola/Davis team returns)
Guardians Of Galaxy #3 (Three issues in, and this book lives up to all the hopes I had for it... which is a pretty big bar to clear)
Halo & Sprocket Vol 2 Natural Creatures TP (Hooray! All too rare, new Halo & Sprocket, which is funny, smart, great cartooning)
Nova #15 (Also continues to impress... this latest Galactus arc has been fantastic)

American Virgin Vol 4 Around The World TP (Not the world's best ending, but there's some good storytelling in here, and gorgeous artwork)
Batman Strikes #47 (Josh Elder writes, Christopher Jones illustrates, and me and a few other bloggers get name-checked as Gotham cops... sounds fun!)
Bone Color Ed Vol 8 Treasure Hunters TP (Almost done with the whole thing in color... then it's on to the 3D holographic version!)
Booster Gold #1000000 (This is probably the make-or-break issue of Booster Gold for me)
Captain America White #0 (Loeb & Sale always do nice work, and I like their Marvel series better than most of their DC stuff)
Captain Britain And MI 13 #3 (Still in the "take it or leave it" camp on this book, but I'm reading to see if it hooks me more)
Criminal Vol 3 Dead And Dying TP (Another dark tale of noir from Brubaker & Phillips)
Femme Noir Dark City Diaries #1 (Could just be cheesecake, but this could also be a sort of pulpy fun book... there's some nice talent involved)
Hack Slash Series #13 (Very much enjoying the ongoing subplots, glad Seeley went the ongoing route for this book)
I Kill Giants #1 (Looks... weird. But very nice art)
Invincible Iron Man #3 (Best issue of the book so far... still not completely sold, but invested enough to keep reading)
Secret Invasion #4 (I'll probably skim read, after my loss of interest with #3)

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