Monday, July 21, 2008

Al Gore's Energy Speech

You know, I've said and done plenty of stupid things in my time. I'll do plenty more. But I can't believe I ever thought there was no real measurable difference between Al Gore and George W Bush, and voted for Nader instead. I mean, I'm in Texas, my vote didn't count anyway, but knowing that I ever was that stupid still grates on me.

Gore's energy speech is fantastic. What's amazing is how little it asks of most of us. Instead, this asks industry and politicians to put aside short-term plans to think long-term, and as a result all of us could benefit.

Who out there believes that the industries and politicians will listen?

Yeah, me neither. Depressing, ain't it?

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Suzanne said...

He's better on energy, for sure. And I think he's smarter about taxes. Somewhat, anyway. Certainly he'd have listened to real experts instead of lobbyists and CEOs/board members who called themselves experts. To some extent at least.

But I don't know that you were totally wrong. I've seen no evidence that he doesn't agree with Bush that corporations ought to be running the economy. And that's what we were all most focused on in 2000.

And I'm still not sure he wouldn't have been taunted and pushed into going into war with Iraq like Bush was scared into it. But he would have had the sense to let the armed forces go in and make arrests in Fallujah like they should have and like they wanted to and were prepared to instead of pulling the cowboy thing and forcing them to go in and blow everything up. So things probably wouldn't have escalated as badly as they have.