Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - July 23, 2008

Week before San Diego, so of course the shelves are flooded with "just in time" releases. Of course, since I'm boarding a plane right after we pull books, a lot of these will have to wait until at least next week for me to read them. But Apocalipstix, Korgi and Mini Marvels are going on the plane with me!

Apocalipstix Vol 1 TP (Can't wait to finally see this book... the short stories and excerpts over the years have been excellent)
Flight Vol 5 TP (Another great installment of Flight)
Mini Marvels Vol 1 Rock Paper Scissors Digest TP (Giarruso's Mini-Marvels have been a fun epilogue to a lot of Marvel's books in the last few years)
Korgi Vol 2 Cosmic Collector TP (Yay! I've been anxiously awaiting this since I closed the first Korgi way back when)
Too Cool To Be Forgotten HC (I got to read this ahead of time, and it's absolutely one of my favorite graphic novels of the year. Review at Comic Pants)

Blood Bowl #2 (More gridiron bloodshed and fantasy parody from Boom!)
Brave And The Bold #15 (Second part of the immensely fun Deadman/Green Arrow team-up by Waid and Kolins)
Comic Book Tattoo TP (Not a huge Tori Amos fan, but I am a fan of Image anthologies, which are always worth a look)
Dead Space #5 (This just keeps getting weirder and creepier)
DMZ #33 (Election story continues to kick ass.)
Hack Slash Annual Suicide Girls (I've read a lot of this, and it's a blast, one of the best Hack Slash stories ever)
Image Monster Pile Up #1 (Bunch of cool Image books in bargain priced crossover/promo book... fun idea)
Immortal Iron Fist #17 (Not bad... not great, but a decent continuation. Can't help but feel weaker than what has gone before, but not a travesty)
Invincible #51 (Interested to see where Kirkman goes from here... very much not interested in the new, ugly costume)
Liberty Comics A CBLDF Benefit Book (Great creative line-up, and it's for a good cause)
Madman Atomic Comics Vol 1 TP (I dig Allred's work, so I'm looking forward to finally reading some new Madman)
Maintenance Vol 3 TP (It took me some time to warm up to this one, but having read both trades, I now think it's hilarious)
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1 (My daughter has been anxiously awaiting this Hulk/Spidey/Iron Man team-up book... and since it's got Paul Tobin writing, so have I)
Nocturnals Carnival Of Beasts (New Nocturnals material is great... more Nocturnals hardcovers would be even better)
Proof #10 (Continuing one of Image's best, and strangest, books)
Scout Vol 2 TP (Yay! More Tim Truman post-apocalyptic Apache action!)
Thunderbolts #122 (Gage takes over for a Secret Invasion crossover, and so I'll keep reading)
Uncanny X-Men #500 (Kind of curious about this one, actually. I like Fraction, I like X-Men, and I love the new San Francisco setting)
Usagi Yojimbo #113 (This book is always good, but Sakai has been on a particular roll of late)
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus #1 (We're starting a Warhammer 40K RPG based on the Inquisition on Sunday, and this fits that mold perfectly... plus it's more great Games Workshop licensed stuff from Boom!)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #3 (My favorite Games Workshop-related Boom! book so far)
Wolverine First Class #5 (Alpha Flight, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine! OK, I'll check this out)
X-men Legacy #214 (Still kind of enjoying this one, despite its preponderance of '90s storylines, Gambit *and* Mister Sinister)
Yam TP (Another promising all-ages offering from Top Shelf)

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