Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - January 24, 2007

After three weeks of lame weeks, maybe this is finally a good week for comics. It's certainly a full one.

Criminal #4 (The first story arc of Criminal races toward its conclusion)
Damned #4 (Really loving this story of prohibition meets demons, story and art)
Fables #57 (Guest art by Allred! Bigby and his father talk history! Looking forward to this)
Mouse Guard #6 (The conclusion of the indie buzz hit)
True Story Swear To God #3 (Just as good as always at Image... more people should be reading this book)

52 Week #38 (Last issue was a good one, and it seems like some of the big mysteries might start to get wrapped up)
Civil War The Return (The hype worked, sort of... I'm curious to skim this and see who's coming back... but I don't care enough to read it, or to be anything but worried about what godawful thing the current stewards of the Marvel Universe are doing to it next)
Connor Hawke Dragons Blood #3 (Solid action miniseries)
Crossing Midnight #3 (Not hooked yet, but certainly intrigued)
DMZ #15 (If not for the strength of this week's offerings, this definitely would have made the Top Five... fantastic story art in one of the best ongoing series on the market)
Doctor Strange Oath #4 (Lots of limited series reaching their penultimate issue this week)
Dwight T Albatross The Goon Noir #3 (Second issue was weaker than the first, but there's still plenty to like)
Helmet Of Fate Ibis The Invincible #1 (First one-shot had some merits, I'll at least give this a look)
Invincible #38 (Honestly... don't even remember what's going on in this book anymore, the schedule is slowly killing my interest)
Legend Of Grimjack Vol 6 TP (Yay, more Grimjack from IDW!)
Love And Capes #3 (First couple issues were sweet and fun)
Lucifer Vol 11 Evensong TP (I stopped reading this except in trade, so I'm anxious to see how this Vertigo series ends)
Ninja Tales #1 (Boom! gives ninjas the anthology treatment)
Official Handbook O/t Invincible Universe #2 (First issue was just a blast, looking forward to the second which should feature Eliot R. Brown work)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #14 (Future uncertain, with original writer and artist leaving... so I treasure these last few issues even more)
Star Wars Dark Times #2 (Wow, is this late... but the first issue was good)

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