Monday, January 15, 2007

Of Ice and Men

You know, here's a dirty little secret the cowboys don't want you to know. They're all manly men, chewing tobaccey and punching out cows and such, but if it drops below 35 degrees, they turn into big 'ol wusses.

Seriously, stores are closing around here and people are freaking out because it's 30 degrees outside and there's some ice on cars. I went out and took my dog to the vet, and there is... zero... ice... on the freakin' road. Maybe, maybe there's more on the highway. I'm willing to allow for that. But the sheer panic... it's like the clouds dropped twelve inches of snow on us or something.

Maybe I'm jaded since I lived in Colorado, where I rode my bike in the snow. Where if they shut down when it got below 30, the whole state wouldn't function for months at a time. But jeez... get some mittens and man up, people!

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