Monday, January 08, 2007

Video: Katy's Little Gym

Today was my daughter's Little Gym "graduation", which means there was a mini dance recital and then gymnastics demonstration. Now, these are like 3-4 years olds, so it's more like cute, mostly organized chaos than an actual recital, but I had a lot of fun and dragged the video camera out of retirement to film it. Since I have Youtube, I'm showing off the results of my shoddy, amateurish camera-work and editing there for the family, and since I have a blog, I'm embedding the videos here as well. Video editing was by Ulead VideoStudio 10, which I've got on 30-day Free Trial. I think it's probably going to be my new video editing software, as it seems easy to use and can do things like import music from my iTunes collection, which is really all I require with my limited editing ability.


Rich said...

I also just downloaded the supposed 30 day trial version of Ulead Video Studio 10. Only problem was my 30-day trial was really less than a 1-day trial. Did they knock yours out as well? Thanks.

Randy said...

You know, it's funny I haven't even touched it to take a look again. But honestly, just based on the use I got out of it in this one instance, I'm pretty much inclined to buy it anyway.