Friday, January 05, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - January 10, 2007

Light week this week.

Agents Of Atlas #6 (Curious to see how Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk's mini concludes)
Fallen Angel Vol 2 Down To Earth TP (More of the DC run, hoping this means we'll see all of it traded)
Godland #15 (One more issue until the 60 cent jumping-on issue)
Hellstorm Son Of Satan #4 (Surprisingly fun, Vertigo-esque in some ways)
Runaways #23 (The penultimate Vaughan/Alphona issue)

52 Week #36 (I think the focus is on the space stuff this issue, which means I probably won't dig it much)
Batman #662 (The Ostrander/Mandrake run started strong but hasn't done much for me since... we'll see how the ending is)
Batman Confidential #2 (Good writing, weak art)
Justice Society Of America #2 (I had some serious gripes with the first issue, but there was also plenty I liked)
Meltdown #2 (Concluding the tale of a dying hero's flameout)
Thunderbolts #110 (Yeah, I'll probably hate it... but I'll admit to being curious)

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