Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Graphic Novel A Day: Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema HC

Writer: Various
Artist: John Buscema
Company: Marvel Comics
Price: $34.99 ($23.09 at Amazon)

I have a huge fondness for the art of John Buscema, and I like the oversized hardcover "Visionaries" format quite a bit in theory, but overall, this book didn't quite make the grade to be added to my library. The selection of stuff is interesting, a fairly complete look at Buscema's career with a heartfelt introduction by Roy Thomas, but I found that most of what I really wanted to see I already had, either in the form of trade paperbacks, original issues, DVD-ROM or in a few cases all three. The few stories I didn't have were either early work that didn't really capture why I liked Buscema so much (in the case of the EC-style stories at the beginning) or were too small to be worth picking up an expensive volume like this one (such as the Black & White story). It's a good book, and worth picking up for anyone following the Visionaries series, but since I already bought another Marvel HC (Avengers Assemble Vol 4) and the newest color Bone this week, I decided to put this one back on the shelf.

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