Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - January 17, 2007

Marvel Adventures Avengers #9 (Jeff Parker returns, and MODOK is riding in with him. Hells yeah!)
Marvel Visionaries John Buscema HC (One of my favorite artists, I'm delighted to get a chance to pick up a hardcover collection of some of his Marvel best... although I fear it could spark the format whore in me to pick up more of these pricey Visionaries hardcovers)
Spirit #2 (Loving The Spirit... can't wait to see more issues)
Toupydoops #5 (The exceptionally fun indy comic returns with a new issue)
Y The Last Man #53 (After a disappointing last arc, I'm looking forward to less technobabble about clones and more of the last 7 issues of one of my favorite comics)

52 Week #37 (You killed *N*M*** *A*! You bastards! But they may yet decide *not* to kill The Question. See? Something I hate, something I like every week)
Avengers Assemble Vol 4 HC (More of the Busiek Avengers, with Alan Davis art, plus his surprisingly fun Maximum Security crossover)
Bone Vol 5 Rock Jaw Master Of Eastern Border Color TP (I'm not even reading these until I get all nine volumes in color... but I can't wait to get them and do a big reread)
Demonwars The Demon Awakens #1 (This was kinda fun fantasy when Crossgen publishes it, curious to see how Devil's Due will handle it)
Desperadoes Buffalo Dreams #1 (New supernatural/western, with art by Alberto Dose)
Helmet Of Fate Detective Chimp #1 (I'm curious... not optimistic, but curious)
Lost Books Of Eve #1 (Love Howard's art, mildly interested in the concept)
Love As A Foreign Language #6 (Hooray! Eric Kim and J. Torres return for another outing of their cross-cultural romance book)
She-Hulk 2 #15 (OK, it's *this* issue that starts the She-Hulk as Agent of SHIELD issue. Honestly, I may be over this book... but it gets one more chance to win me back)
Ultimate X-Men #78 (Guilty pleasure, as Kirkman channels the '90s X-Men. Which I hated at the time, but I'm finding his take interesting enough)

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