Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Department of Taking Things Too Seriously

MySpace post leads to murder conspiracy charges for 6 teen girls

I get that after Columbine, everybody is scared. I get it. As a parent, I share it. But y'know, when the "hit list" includes the Energizer Bunny, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey, don'tcha think maybe those teenage girls were just venting? Especially when there's no evidence of weapons or plans? Yes, it was stupid of them. Yes, for God's sake check it out, make sure they're not storing bombs or guns or what-have-you in their closets. But if they're not, maybe you shouldn't cart them off to a juvenile detention facility?

I don't have all the facts here, just what's presented in the article at CNN. Maybe these girls are borderline psychopaths and the rural authorities of Tennessee have prevented a high school massacre. It wouldn't be my guess, but I don't *know*. Here's what I know... if anyone ever comes to take my teenage daughter away for conspiracy to commit criminal homicide on something as stupid as this, there's going to *be* a criminal homicide involving whoever is trying to take her.

I hope they sue the hell out of the school and the police.

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