Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - September 24, 2008

Help Is On The Way TP (Collection of the hilarious "Basic Instructions" webcomic)
Nova #17 (Big spoilers, so I didn't get an advance look at it... even more anticipated than usual as a result)
Solomon Kane #1 (Dark Horse takes on Howard's puritanical ass-kicker)
Tezukas Black Jack Vol 1 HC (One of Tezuka's wilder concepts, a two-fisted surgeon, gets the deluxe Vertical Books treatment)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #5 (This book has been my favorite Warhammer comic so far)

Avengers Initiative #17 (Digging the Skrull Kill Krew, actually)
Back To Brooklyn #1 (Crime fiction from Ennis and Palmiotti, this could be fun)
Captain America #42 (Brubaker wraps up his *enormous* first Cap story arc)
Conan Vol 6 The Hand Of Nergal TP (Collecting the final Conan stories before the book was relaunched... looking forward to reading them)
Fables #76 (#75 might be a good ending for the book, and I'm close to considering it an ending... but I'll give the book another couple issues to convince me it should be an ongoing, rather than the extended limited series that the best Vertigo series have been)
Flash Gordon #1 (Not wildly optimistic, but the art looks OK, and I'm going in hopeful)
Hellboy The Crooked Man #3 (Second issue weaker than the first, but the first was *awesome*, so that's not a terrible thing)
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #3 (My daughter's favorite Marvel comic book)
Northlanders #10 (Behind on this one, need to read #9 as well)
Proof #12 (Ditto, I think I'm two or three issues behind on Proof)
Samurai Legend #1 (Looks like gorgeous art... hope the story is good)
Station #3 (Digging this space-based murder mystery)
Thunderbolts #124 (Gage's Thunderbolts are pretty good reading)
Usagi Yojimbo #114 (Always good reading)
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus #3 (Really enjoying this look at 40K's Inquisitors)
Wildcats #3 (One of the weaker Wildstorm relaunches, but I do still like the post-apocalyptic hero angle)
Wolverine First Class #7 (Strange tone to this book, as it's not all-ages, not modern-day... it reads a lot like '80s superheroes... which is cool by me. Plus, Soviet Super Soldiers)
X-men Legacy #216 (Weaker issue of this book, but it's still surprisingly readable for someone who thought he was done with X-Books)

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