Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live-Blogging Heroes Season Three... Sort Of

Look, a post that's *not* about politics!

It will retain all the snark and bile of my politics post, though. Sorry. I watched the first episode of Heroes Season Three and started writing down observations. I was going to Twitter them, but didn't want to spoil anyone who was going to watch the show. However, I only wrote observations about the first hour, because I deleted the second hour un-watched.

Heroes is dead to me. It's not worth my time. SPOILERS and observations below:

Every power in the known universe, and the best plan future Petrelli can come up with is "Shoot my brother in the chest?" Maybe "Stop time and take him aside to talk to him" would have worked?

Maya and Mohinder in the same room... two of the most useless characters the show has to offer. Guess I can tune out for a few minutes.

New drinking game: Drink whenever Mohinder decides to go back to India, despite it being completely contrary to his character as previously established.

If there's anything in that safe besides a note that says "I knew you couldn't resist opening this" I'm going to be very disappointed.

OK, kind of cool superspeed effects.

Plot's still stupid as ever, but the superspeed/time travel effect is neat.

So future Peter Petrelli... is shorter than modern Peter Petrelli?

Oh, Christ, the "10% of our brain" thing is back.

I guess we finally see how Sylar's powers work... about a year after I stopped caring.

If Heroes really wanted me to come back and believe they were doing something different, they should have actually killed Claire or Nathan Petrelli.

Fuck me, they even brought Malcolm McDowell back? This show is allergic to just killing somebody off and leaving them dead, aren't they?

Yep, they are. There's Ali Larter back too.

I *hate* when I wake up in the desert with a scorpion on my face!

Wow, I bet that Hiro/Ando situation is not what it seems. Because they've never done that kind of thing on Heroes before.

The Mohinder gets powers effect was as cheesy as the superspeed effect was cool.

"Things fall apart... the centre cannot hold..." Blah, blah, blah. Does Heroes have *anything* that hasn't already been completely played out?


Chad! said...

man we need to watch this show together...it's straight up MST3k over at our place when we watch this show...of course I'm no Tom Servo

Randy said...

And I'm no Crow. But whenever you guys come down to Austin, we'll put MST3K Heroes on the menu. :)