Sunday, September 21, 2008

If You're Voting On Money...

Here is it, very clear, with pictures and everything, why you should vote for Obama.

If you're making over $603,000 a year, you're going to pay more taxes. But there's nobody reading my blog who makes that much money.

If I'm wrong... can I have some money? ;)


Chris Hunter said...

Randy, it's not only about income taxes.

Have you taken a look at the differences the candidates have concerning capital gains, dividend, inheritance, and new taxes in general? There are some MAJOR differences there that do not favor Obama.

If any of that matters to you, you might want to research that a little more.

Actually, drop me an email at chrishunter at and I'll forward what I have to you.

Not trying to proselytize, but inform. That's all, I swear.

Randy said...

Actually, none of that matters to me. I don't have capital gains or any real dividends, and my views on inheritance (even given a rich set of in-laws) is basically that folks should earn their own money, not continue living off money their ancestors (distant and near) made.

You say there are major differences, but I still find it highly unlikely that anyone who I would call "middle class" (unlike McCain, I think above $100 grand a year is above middle class... or at least qualifies as upper middle class) is going to be worse off under Obama's plan.

But sure, if you've got some info, send it my way at I'm happy to be informed.

Then again, I'm not voting on money. I'm voting on gay rights, universal healthcare, the war in Iraq (and any insane plans for action on Iran or Russia), women's rights, diplomacy vs. military adventurism, corporate welfare, privatization of social security and any number of other issues where the Republicans fall short.

Randy said...

Having now seen the research Chris refers to, I remain firmly in Obama's corner.

In case anyone was wondering. ;)

Chris Hunter said...

And after reading Randy's reply to my email, I remain firmly NOT in Obama's corner, in case anyone was wondering. ;)

But I did enjoy reading Randy's ideas and insights.

A pleasure, sir!