Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin's interview style

You know, it hadn't clicked for me until a co-worker said it, but don't Sarah Palin's rambling non-answers like this:

and this:

Remind you of this?

You can take the beauty queen out of the pageant and make her governor, but you can't take the nonsensical pageant-level answers out of the beauty queen masquerading as a vice presidential candidate.

Or something to that effect.


Zack said...

Randy, why do you keep hating on Palin? I mean, she's endorsed by Chuck Norris!

That's right. CHUCK NORRIS. The man who made the Virgin Islands "The Islands." Who defeated the Deadly Dolphin. Who penned, the literary classic THE JUSTICE RIDERS, with three other guys! Who used his hands and his feet and he kicked and he punched with his hands and his feet!

If Chuck Norris says Sarah Palin would make a good president, then everything I believe about democracy must be wrong!

You might want to rethink these posts. Unless you want Chuck Norris to potato-sack you.

Randy said...

I'm afraid that if Chuck Norris endorses Sarah Palin, he can suck my hairy ball sac.

Yep, I said it. Bring it, Chuck!