Monday, September 22, 2008

And Here It Is WIth Video

I should say, I'm not blind here. I'm aware that Obama wants to raise the minimum wage, and as a business owner just barely scraping by, that's going to increase challenges for me. I'm aware that the 7 sick days a year, paid medical leave, etc. is a cost my business will have to absorb.

But I think that's a fair challenge. The fact is, the minimum wage is too low. First thing I did when I bought my store was give a raise to every employee, and we're well above the current minimum wage. And if I need to raise it again to meet a new minimum wage, I'll find the money to do that, because it's clear that the minimum wage isn't accurate anymore... you can't live on one minimum wage job.

But overall, what I'm hearing from this economic plan is much more promising than what I hear from McCain, or what we've seen from Bush (Jr. and Sr.) or Reagan. Trickle down economics DO. NOT. WORK. The higher-ups keep the money. Those lower on the ladder spend their money upward... the rich are going to stay rich, they just might not be as rich.

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Suzanne said...

"Trickle down economics DO. NOT. WORK. The higher-ups keep the money."

More often they invest it... which means they expect to get it back and then some. Creating more trickle *up*.