Monday, September 15, 2008

And Then A Reminder...

That not everyone in America is a total fuckwit.

Witness, a very sweet, inoffensive and kinda funny comic about the cartoonist getting "gay married" (it's the title of the strip.)

The editor defends the piece and prints some of the ridiculous hate mail, including "the minister of a local church accused the newspaper of promoting "sodomy." If your minister ever writes a letter like that to the paper, you owe it to your faith to change churches, by the way.

OK, so maybe there's still a larger than usual contingent of assholes out there, who would complain about such a politically neutral piece. Using the bullshit language of "I just don't want it pushed in my face" is pretty much admitting homophobia, especially when faced with a mild, universal story of marriage depicted in the cartoon.

But the editor's level-headed defense of the piece, not the angry screed that someone else (OK, me) might write in response to idiots like this, reminds me that there are lots of folks out there fighting the good fight. And if we can just keep from having a total financial collapse, healthcare panic, food riots, environmental disaster or any of the other things the Republicans are helping to cause, maybe eventually reason and intelligence will win out.

Yeah, I don't really believe it right now either. But you gotta have hope, right?

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